CLEARRAY Bulb XL 6472-841

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Sundance® Spa XL Replacement Bulb New CLEARRAY® XL designed by Sundance® Spas. This model has a 20% larger bulb, it's now backwards compatible and it features a new connection port.

  • Works with older model Sundance® Spas.
  • Original Sundance® Spa Parts.
  • Recommended annual replacement. 


The ClearRay Water Management System kills 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in your hot tub.

Each CLEARRAY XL bulb is rated to last one year under normal usage. You'll keeping your bathers safe and your water clean, clear, and free of algae and bacteria with only one purchase per year. Don't worry about UV rays- The ClearRay Water Management System is inside the circulation pipes of your Sundance. Water from your spa is drawn into the UV treatment chamber, naturally sanitized, then returned to the bathing area, meaning this product is safe for bathers. Reduce the amount of chemicals you put into your spa. Hot tubs treated with anti-microbial lights require fewer chemicals at lighter concentrations to sanitize and provide the same level of safe, healthy, and clear water.